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On this page you will find product bulletins, technical articles and briefs. Please feel free to download any content that is useful. If you can't find what you're looking for, please call us at 603-595-7233 or contact us using the form at right.

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Technical Articles

Advanced High Temperature Equipment Used for New Structural Ceramic Processing – Industrial Heating 4/1986

Application of Gas Quenching to Tool and Die Hardening – ASM Conference 10/1978

Belt furnace for brazing - Industrial Heating 05/2013

Belt furnace for brazing - Industrial Heating 05/2013 CHINESE language

Belt furnace for sintering of MIM and CIM products – Powder Injection Molding Magazine 09/2013

Centorr Vacuum Industries 60th anniversary - Powder Injection Molding Magazine 03/2014

Comparison of Batch and Continuous Sintering of Aluminide Bonded Titanium Carbide – Advanced in Power Metallurgy 1999

Continuous and Batch Sintering of Si3N4 – American Ceramic Society Bulletin 06/1993. 

Continuous Sintering Influence on Properties of Silicon Nitride – Material Science Forum 05/2000

CVI seeking to Expand MIM Materials Base – Elsevier Science 06/1994

Debinding and Sintering of Low-carbon MIM Parts – Metal Powder Report 05/1988

Debinding and Sintering of Metals and Ceramics – Metal Powder Report 06/2001

Debinding of Tungsten Carbide Part 1 – Industrial Heating 09/2001

Debinding of MIM and Ceramics Part 2 - Industrial Heating 11/2001

Developments in Combination Debinder, Sinter, Pressure Consolidation Furnaces – Metal Power Report 05/1987

Equipping for Directional Solidification – Foundry Magazine 1972

Image Acquisition and Analysis During Sintering: A method of monitoring and controlling PM Part Characteristics – Advances in Particulate Materials 1994

Performance of Gas Atmosphere Delubing and Sintering in Sintervac Furnaces – Metal Powder Report 2/1984

Quantitative Imaging or MIM Debinding and Sintering

Resistance Heated furnaces for Reaction-formed Silicon Carbide 05/1988

Role of CVD in Ceramics Processing – American Ceramic Society 10/1986

State of the Art in Vacuum Sintering Furnace Technology – Carbide and Tool Journal 03/1980

Trends in Precision Casting - Vacuum Metallurgy Conference 1986

Update on Vacuum Melting Equipment

Vacuum Binder Removal and Collection – International Journal of Powder Metallurgy 1991

Vacuum Brazing Furnace Technology and Applicability – Industrial Heating 8/1988

Vacuum Furnace Heating treating a Variety of Alloys - Heat Treating Magazine 12/1985

Vacuum Hot Press Furnaces for Powder Compaction – Metal Powder Report 11/1982

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