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Everything you need, from parts to service, to keep your vacuum furnaces operating and current with the latest technology is available from Centorr; the leaders in high performance furnaces.

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Our experienced aftermarket service group specializes in providing:

  • Spare Parts, Hot Zones and Field Service
  • Furnace Maintenance Programs
  • New Replacement Chambers
  • Furnace Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Furnace Rebuilds
  • Furnace Controls

Everything you need to keep your furnaces operating and current with the latest technology is available from the leaders in high performance furnaces.

At Centorr Vacuum Industries, our dedicated team of experienced field service engineers and technicians offer cost effective, flexible ways to replace, upgrade or refurbish your existing vacuum furnace, in-house or on-site. You can count on our comprehensive service and replacement parts for any vacuum furnace with hot zones ranging from 500°C to 3500°C - our own make or anybody else's.

Rapid delivery of spare parts and prompt response to service calls are commitments of Centorr Vacuum Industries and many commonly used spare parts are available from inventory for immediate shipment. Any parts not on hand can be fabricated quickly in our facility. A list of recommended spare parts is provided with each furnace to allow the customer to manage optimal inventory levels, and CVI’s internal inventory is controlled through a computerized order control system.

In addition to providing spare parts, service, retrofits and upgrades, Centorr Vacuum Industries offers a complete furnace rebuild capability. This capability applies not only to CVI furnaces but to those of other manufacturers.

We offer complete controls updates or overhauls replacing obsolete equipment with the latest model, or transitioning from traditional process-based controllers (such as Honeywell, Yokogawa, or Eurotherm), to the latest in PC/HMI computer controlled systems with touch-screen interface.

CVI also offers its own line of vacuum-rated inert gas cooling fans in various sizes for all makes and models of furnaces.



Aftermarket Services Representatives

For assistance with laboratory inquiries please contact Joe Pelkey

For assistance with Field Service inquiries, please click here: [email protected]

For Laboratory and R&D furnace spare parts please contact Alan Fostier

For Production furnace spare parts please contact Joe Pelkey

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