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Advanced High Temperature Equipment Used for New Structural Ceramic Processing – Industrial Heating 4/1986

Application of Gas Quenching to Tool and Die Hardening – ASM Conference 10/1978

Belt furnace for brazing - Industrial Heating 05/2013

Belt furnace for brazing - Industrial Heating 05/2013 CHINESE language

Belt furnace for sintering of MIM and CIM products – Powder Injection Molding Magazine 09/2013

Centorr Vacuum Industries 60th anniversary - Powder Injection Molding Magazine 03/2014

Comparison of Batch and Continuous Sintering of Aluminide Bonded Titanium Carbide – Advanced in Power Metallurgy 1999

Continuous and Batch Sintering of Si3N4 – American Ceramic Society Bulletin 06/1993. 

Continuous Sintering Influence on Properties of Silicon Nitride – Material Science Forum 05/2000

CVI seeking to Expand MIM Materials Base – Elsevier Science 06/1994

Debinding and Sintering of Low-carbon MIM Parts – Metal Powder Report 05/1988

Debinding and Sintering of Metals and Ceramics – Metal Powder Report 06/2001

Debinding of Tungsten Carbide Part 1 – Industrial Heating 09/2001

Debinding of MIM and Ceramics Part 2 - Industrial Heating 11/2001

Developments in Combination Debinder, Sinter, Pressure Consolidation Furnaces – Metal Power Report 05/1987

Developments in Sintering Injection Molded PM Parts – Metal Powder Report 09/1987

Equipping for Directional Solidification – Foundry Magazine 1972

Image Acquisition and Analysis During Sintering: A method of monitoring and controlling PM Part Characteristics – Advances in Particulate Materials 1994

Performance of Gas Atmosphere Delubing and Sintering in Sintervac Furnaces – Metal Powder Report 2/1984

Quantitative Imaging or MIM Debinding and Sintering

Recent Advances in Binder Removal and Pressure Sintering PM parts. 

Resistance Heated furnaces for Reaction-formed Silicon Carbide 05/1988

Role of CVD in Ceramics Processing – American Ceramic Society 10/1986

State of the Art in Vacuum Sintering Furnace Technology – Carbide and Tool Journal 03/1980

Trends in Precision Casting - Vacuum Metallurgy Conference 1986

Update on Vacuum Melting Equipment

Vacuum Binder Removal and Collection – International Journal of Powder Metallurgy 1991

Vacuum Brazing Furnace Technology and Applicability – Industrial Heating 8/1988

Vacuum Furnace Heating treating a Variety of Alloys - Heat Treating Magazine 12/1985

Vacuum Hot Press Furnaces for Powder Compaction – Metal Powder Report 11/1982