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3300 Series Production Vacuum FurnaceProduction Vacuum Furnaces

Standard designs augmented by specialized, custom-designed vacuum furnaces for processing a variety of metals, ceramics, composites, and carbon/graphite materials.

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Model 3720 Sintervac FurnaceSintervac™ Furnaces

Designed for both development and quality assurance tasks, a typical furnace cycle takes less than 12-18 hours. Two temperature ranges are available: one for steels and tungsten carbide and the other for non-oxide ceramics. Optional equipment can be debinding and positive pressure operation.

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Workhorse FurnaceWorkhorse® Furnaces

A vacuum/controlled atmosphere batch furnace where the basic design is comprised of three standard hot zone sizes in four different temperature ranges, with a long list of optional equipment that makes this one of the most versatile custom-designed furnaces available today.

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Metal Injection Molding FurnaceMIM Vac Vacuum/Controlled Atmosphere
Purpose built for the debinding and sintering of additive manufactured and 3D printed parts, as well as those produced by the metal injection molding process. The MIM-Vac M™ is Centorr/Vacuum Industries' latest offering in its line of custom-engineered high temperature vacuum/controlled atmosphere furnaces.

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Hot Press FurnaceVacuum Hot Press Furnaces

Centorr/Vacuum Industries’ Hot Press Sintering Furnaces are part of a long standing tradition of quality, dependability, and innovation in high temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere heating technology.

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Laboratory FurnaceLaboratory & Research Furnaces

Centorr Vacuum Industries manufactures a diverse line of laboratory vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace equipment that is suitable to most customer’s needs. We start with a thorough understanding of your processes and furnacing requirements, and then help you select a system that best fits your requirements. (Custom furnaces also available.)

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CVD FurnaceCVD and CVI Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Furnaces

Centorr/Vacuum Industries high temperature, low pressure CVD furnaces provide stable, repeatable conditions for production of high performance materials from vapor phase feedstocks involving reaction temperatures up to 2200°C.

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Continuous Pusher FurnaceContinuous Furnaces
Centorr/Vacuum Industries graphite pusher furnace designs incorporate variable speed pusher, optional atmosphere debinding furnaces, high temperature sintering furnace, cooling tunnel, load locks, and work box unloading system; while the line of continuous belt furnaces are available in either metal or graphite hot zones rated to temperatures up to 2000°C

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Custom FurnaceCustom and Kit Furnaces
Centorr Vacuum Industries manufactures a line of custom-built vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace equipment that can be customized to a customer’s individual needs.

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Made in USA

Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed vacuum furnace and controlled atmosphere furnace solutions for a variety of difficult thermal processes. Learn More