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Product SeriesEquipment TypeApplications/Processes/MaterialsMax Temp.
11High Temperature Optical Fiber Drawing FurnacesDrawing of Optical Fibers2300°C (4172°F)
3610Tantalum AnodeSintering oxygen and nitrogen sensitive, high temperature materials.2200°C (3992°F)
BFBelt FurnaceRefractory Metals, Powders, Si3N4, Ceramics, MIM components2000°C (3632°F)
Specials up to 2800°C (5072°F)
PFPusher FurnaceSIC, Si3N4, Carbon-Carbon Composites, Tungsten Carbide, MIM Components, BN, ALN, Alumina, Tungsten Powers2500°C (4532°F)
WAWire Anneal FurnaceWire Annealing (Replaces Vacuum Batch Furnaces)Up to 1600°C (2912°F)