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Standard designs are augmented by specialized, custom-designed vacuum furnaces for processing a variety of metals, ceramics, composites, and carbon/graphite materials.

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Standard vacuum furnaces are available for high temperature sintering, hot pressing for powder compaction or diffusion bonding, vacuum heat treating, precision vacuum brazing, and thermal heat treatment.

These designs are augmented by specialized, custom-designed vacuum furnaces for chemical vapor deposition, Graphitization, Graphite Purification, and induction melting. These techniques and processes are used worldwide for a wide range of metal and ceramic materials at various stages during conversion from raw materials to finished product.

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Product SeriesFurnace TypeApplications/ProcessesMaterialsMax Temp.
2500Rotavac™ Rotary Powder SinteringFront end metal and ceramic powder processesMetal and ceramic powders2300°C (4172°F)
3300Front Loading Hot WallAnnealing and Degassing of metalsZirconium, SS, Ti, Inconel and Superalloys1315°C (2400°F)
3400Top or Bottom LoadersAnnealing and Degassing of metalsZirconium, SS, Ti, Inconel and Superalloys900°C (1652°F)
3500Vacuum Cold Wall Front LoadingAnnealing/Stress RelievingStainless Steel, Inconel 690 and 601, Zirconium Alloy, Ti, Nickel, Superalloys900°C (1652°F)
3520Vacuum Hot PressDiffusion BondingElectronic ceramics, non-oxide ceramics, hard metals, cermets1315°C (2400°F)
3530Workhorse® Horizontal Vacuum FurnacesAnnealing/Stress Relieving, brazing, diffusion bonding, electronic ceramics, heat treatment, quenching, sinteringStainless Steels, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys, Tool Steels, High Speed Steels, Ti, Nickel, Superalloys, Non-Oxide Ceramics

1000°C (1832°F)

1315°C (2400°F)

1650°C (3000°F)

2200°C (3992°F)

3540Workhorse AM™ Vacuum/Controlled Atmosphere furnaceAnnealing, Heat Treating, and Sintering of  Additive Manufactured and 3D Printed parts
Stainless Steels, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys, Ti, Nickel, Superalloys.
1650°C (3000°F)
3560Co-Fire Vacuum/Hydrogen Batch FurnaceDebinding, Sintering, MetallizingAlumnia, aluminum nitride, beryllia2200°C (3992°F)
3570MIM Vac Vacuum/Controlled Atmosphere Debind and Sintering FuranceMetal injection molding, debinding, sintering17-4 pH alloy, 316-L, tool steels, high speed steels, Ti, nickel, superalloys1650°C (3000°F)
3600Vacuum Hot PressDevelopment of ceramic composite materials, diffusion bonding, metal matrix bonding, sintering.Aerospace materials, electronic ceramics, hard metals/cermets, non-oxide ceramics1400°C (2252°F) metal hot zone
2300°C (4172°F) graphite hot zone
3700Injectavac®Process injection molded parts from wax/polymer binder removal through sintering in one continuous cycle.stainless steels, Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, tool steels. Fe-Ni.1650°C (3000°F)
3710Sintervac™ & Sintervac Jr.™Sintering, delube/dewax, debinding, graphite processing, heat treatmentNon-oxide ceramics, aerospace materials, hard metal/cermets, electronic ceramics, general metals1600°C (2912°F) max, 2200°C (3992°F) max or 2450°C (4442°F) max
3720Sintervac AM™
Debind and Sintering of Additive Manufactured and 3D Printed parts
Stainless Steels, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys, Ti, Nickel, Superalloys.
1600°C (2912°F)
3750Sinterbar™ Pressure FurnacesPressure sinteringSilicon nitride, sinterable ceramics, tungsten carbide1650°C (3000°F) for carbide and 2200°C (3992°F) for ceramics
3800CVD FurnacesChemical vapor infiltration, chemical vapor deposition, graphite purification, graphitization, purification and heat treatChemical vapor, graphite, non-oxide ceramics, aerospace materials1100°C (2012°F), 1600°C (2912°F), 2200°C (3992°F)
3850Sinterbar® Jr.Pressure sintering.Silicon nitride, sinterable ceramics, tungsten carbide.1650°C (3000°F) for carbide and 2200°C (3992°F) for ceramics
4300Vacuum Induction Melt and Cast (50 & 100 lb) and Induction Heat TreatMelting and casting, High Temperature Heat TreatFerrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys,Carbons, Graphites and Composites1650°C (3000°F)
2900°C (5252°F)
TQ-IIQuench Vacuum FurnaceTool room applications, heat treat, quenchingCold work die steels (S7, A2, D2)1315°C (2400°F)
Made in the USA