Centorr Vacuum Industries worked very closely with a customer in the aerospace industry on an application requiring a delicate brazing operation that was outsourced to a firm several states away.

Workorse AM Vacuum Furnace

Our customer experienced frequent ‘out-of—specification’ parts from the toll brazing house because the vendor was running multiple customer’s parts during the same process cycle causing cross-contamination. In addition, each recipe was not tailored to our customer’s specific parts requirements. CVI’s customer also noticed frequent late deliveries and unreliable scheduling, as the toll house would wait to fill their furnace capacity in order to get the best return on investment for the cycle being run. This lead to late deliveries and problems in maintaining proper inventory stocking levels.

The solution was a new Centorr Vacuum Industries small production sized vacuum furnace with 2 cu ft capacity, which was well suited to the annual production volumes of the customer.

Today, with a new precision Workhorse II brazing furnace, the customer can run jobs with as little as a few kgs of parts to loads up to 100kgs at a time. The small furnace footprint lessened the overall operating costs for the process, and the customer now has tighter control over its process cycles and quality levels.

Another side benefit is the ability to process parts when needed, smoothing out inventory levels, and giving them the flexibility to run a quick cycle if their customer was down or requested a small amount of older legacy parts be processed.

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