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Sintering Furnaces for Metals and Ceramics


Centorr Vacuum Industries has a rich history and foundation in creating furnaces for the sintering of several different metals and ceramics materials at temperatures ranging from 1000°C up to 2450°C.
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Centorr sintering furnaces offer a variety of furnace designs and configurations.

These designs include small laboratory units as well as full size production units [and these furnaces are available in a variety of configurations including top-loading, bottom-loading or front-loading designs.

Sintering Furnace Applications

Common applications are the sintering of metal or ceramic powders, carbon/graphite/CFC processing, the manufacturing of hard metals such as Tungsten and Carbide, and most non-oxide advanced ceramics including BN, AlN, SiC (pressureless sintering, reaction-bonded, and recrystallized), Si3N4, B4C, AlON, and others.

These materials can be processed in any combination of furnace atmospheres including high-vacuum, rough vacuum, partial pressure, or positive pressures of inert or Hydrogen gases.

Sintering Furnaces are Used in a Variety Of Industries

Centorr Vacuum Industries provides sintering furnaces that are used in many varied industries that have robust manufacturing requirements with delicate process control needs.  Typical industries that use sintering furnaces include:

    • Cutting Tool Manufacturers
    • Powdered Metal Parts Users
    • Advanced Ceramics Companies
    • Body and Vehicle Armor Producers
    • Aerospace Companies

Available Sintering Furnaces

For more information on CENTORR VACUUM INDUSTRIES' line of Sintering furnaces, please click on the links below to view the many sintering furnace models available for your needs:

Laboratory Sintering Furnaces:

    • Series 15
    • Series 17
    • Series 45

Production Sintering Furnaces:

Continuous Sintering Furnaces:

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