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Standard and custom furnaces are available in both laboratory size and full production size for a variety of Processes, Materials, and Applications in the metals, ceramics, and composites industries.

Production Series Laboratory Series Process/Applications Materials
3500, 3530 2100, 2110, 50, LF Annealing, Degassing, Tempering, and Brazing Furnaces Metals and Glass-to-Metal or Ceramic-to-Metal
35403720 Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Furnaces Metals, hardmetals, and Ceramics.
3710 2100, 2110, 60, 45, LF Ceramic Sintering Furnaces Non-Oxide Ceramics and Carbon/Graphite
3800 10, 45 Chemical Vapor Deposition Furnaces Non-oxide Ceramics including: BN, SiC, Si3N4, pyrolytic Carbon
3800, 4300 10, 45 Chemical Vapor Infiltration Furnaces Carbon Fiber Composites (CFC's)
60 Crystal Growth Furnaces
3710 2100, 2110,15 Debinding Furnaces Systems designed for over 300 organic and inorganic binders
3800, 4300 45, 46,  LF Graphite Heat Treatment and Graphitization Furnaces Carbon/Graphite
3710, 4300 45 Graphite Purification Furnaces Carbon/Graphite with and without Chlorine or Halogen gases
3700, 3530, 3500, TQ 15, LF Heat Treating Furnaces
3530, 3520 HP Hot Press Furnaces for Diffusion Bonding Metallic parts and composites
3600 HP Hot Press Furnaces for Powder Compaction Metal and Ceramic powders
3560 60, 15 Metallizing Furnaces
3570, 3700 MIM Metal Injection Molding Furnaces Stainless Steels, tool steels, alloys, Ti, Fe-Ni, and Tungsten heavy alloys
3500 60, 16 Nuclear Furnaces - annealing, degassing, and sintering Zirconium, Inconel 690, and Uranium, Plutonium
11 Optical Fiber Draw Silica Glasses
TT Physical Test All R&D Materials
3530 50, 60 Refractory Metal Sintering Furnaces Tungsten, Molybdenum, and Tantalum
3610 15, BF Tantalum Anode Sintering Tantalum Anode and P/M sintering
3710 2100, 2110, 45 Tungsten Carbide Debind and Sintering Furnaces Tungsten Carbide with wax or PEG binders
4300 Vacuum Induction Melting and Arc Melting Superalloys
WA Wire Annealing Stainless and Superalloys

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