Standard and custom furnaces are available in both laboratory size and full production size for a variety of Processes, Materials, and Applications in the metals, ceramics, and composites industries.

Production SeriesLaboratory SeriesProcess/ApplicationsMaterials
3500, 35302100, 2110, 50, LFAnnealing, Degassing, Tempering, and Brazing FurnacesMetals and Glass-to-Metal or Ceramic-to-Metal
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Furnaces
Metals, hardmetals, and Ceramics.
37102100, 2110, 60, 45, LFCeramic Sintering FurnacesNon-Oxide Ceramics and Carbon/Graphite
380010, 45Chemical Vapor Deposition FurnacesNon-oxide Ceramics including: BN, SiC, Si3N4, pyrolytic Carbon
3800, 430010, 45Chemical Vapor Infiltration FurnacesCarbon Fiber Composites (CFC's)
 60Crystal Growth Furnaces 
37102100, 2110,15Debinding FurnacesSystems designed for over 300 organic and inorganic binders
3800, 430045, 46,  LFGraphite Heat Treatment and Graphitization FurnacesCarbon/Graphite
3710, 430045Graphite Purification FurnacesCarbon/Graphite with and without Chlorine or Halogen gases
3700, 3530, 3500, TQ15, LFHeat Treating Furnaces 
3530, 3520HPHot Press Furnaces for Diffusion BondingMetallic parts and composites
3600HPHot Press Furnaces for Powder CompactionMetal and Ceramic powders
356060, 15Metallizing Furnaces 
 3570, 3700MIM Metal Injection Molding FurnacesStainless Steels, tool steels, alloys, Ti, Fe-Ni, and Tungsten heavy alloys
350060, 16Nuclear Furnaces - annealing, degassing, and sinteringZirconium, Inconel 690, and Uranium, Plutonium
 11Optical Fiber DrawSilica Glasses
 TTPhysical TestAll R&D Materials
37503850, EPPressure SinteringNon-Oxide Ceramics and Carbides
353050, 60Refractory Metal Sintering FurnacesTungsten, Molybdenum, and Tantalum
361015, BFTantalum Anode SinteringTantalum Anode and P/M sintering
37102100, 2110, 45Tungsten Carbide Debind and Sintering FurnacesTungsten Carbide with wax or PEG binders
4300 Vacuum Induction Melting and Arc MeltingSuperalloys
 WAWire AnnealingStainless and Superalloys