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Press Release May 2010


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May 2010 - Nashua, NH -- Centorr Vacuum Industries announced it has thoroughly reengineered it's Sinterbar line of production high pressure sintering furnaces. To accomplish this redesign an engineering task force was put together combining Centorr Vacuum Industries best mechanical and electrical engineers with the world renowned pressure furnace expert Fuad Barbar. This team not only expanded the temperature range and pressure capabilities of the Sinterbar line it improved its thermal performance, overall safety, durability and cost-effectiveness. Centorr Vacuum Industries has been building Sinterbar pressure sintering furnaces since 1982.

The new Sinterbar line has temperature capabilities of 1650°C or 2200°C, with pressures of 60 to 100 bar (900 to1500psig). Standard sizes of 1, 4, 10, and 12 cu ft (28, 113, 283, and 340 liters) are available with optional debinding capabilities.

CVI Sinterbar furnaces are used to densify hardmetals and ceramic powder parts. After a part has been debound and sintered in the furnace it is further densified by introducing an inert gas static back pressure of up to 100 bar (1500 PSIG) at high temperature removing a majority of the remaining porosity. The process provides a finished part with almost 100% theoretical density and maximum mechanical strength. It is used primarily on hard metals like tungsten carbide and engineered ceramics.

Centorr Vacuum Industries is a high temperature vacuum / controlled atmosphere furnace manufacturer with an installed base of over 6000 units worldwide. Their furnace offering ranges from large commercial and production units with hot zones over 3m x 3m x 30m, to smaller Lab and Research & Development furnaces for use at temperatures as high as 3000°C. They are located in Nashua, NH with a fully staffed Aftermarket Field Service group, and Applied Technology Center offering R&D support and toll production service. For more information please contact the sales department at or call 603-595-7233.

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Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed vacuum furnace and controlled atmosphere furnace solutions for a variety of difficult thermal processes. Learn More