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Press Release November 2009


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November 2009 - Nashua, NH -- Centorr Vacuum Industries announced it has received orders for two high-temperature sintering furnaces for 2009-2010 delivery from various customers in the USA and South America.

The designs include a 2 cu ft and a 12 cu ft design for SiC and B4C sintering. These new furnaces build on the success of CVI's experience in non-oxide ceramics and Tungsten Carbide hardmetals with modifications made specifically for higher-temperature SiC and B4C processing.

These new furnaces build on the success of CVI's experience in non-oxide ceramics sintering, chemical vapor infiltration, and chemical vapor deposition furnaces with modifications made specifically for higher-temperature graphite processing.

Centorr's design includes robust Graphite Tube and Block elements designed for use to 2450°C, with single or multiple control zones for excellent temperature uniformity. The upgraded graphite insulation design provides for long-term service even in the presence of process off-gassing and binder contamination, while the new dual flowthrough Sweepgas® system allows more effective "sweeping" away of these binders and process contaminants. Furnace control is via PLC/Programmable Controllers with Centorr's optional custom designed HMI visualization interface. Centorr Vacuum Industries new Sintervac SiC is available in sizes of 2,3,4.5,9,16,24,and 54 cubic foot volumes.

Centorr Vacuum Industries is a high temperature vacuum / controlled atmosphere furnace manufacturer with an installed base of over 6000 units worldwide. Their furnace offering ranges from large commercial and production units with hot zones over 3m x 3m, to smaller Lab and Research & Development furnaces for use at temperatures over 3500°C. They are located in Nashua, NH with a fully staffed Aftermarket Field Service group, and Applied Technology Center offering R&D support and toll production service. For more information please contact Joan Killingsworth at 603-595-7233 x213.

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