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Press Release July 2006


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July 2006 - Nashua, NH -- Centorr Vacuum Industries announced it has shipped three(3) state-of-the-art precision Workhorse® Vacuum Brazing furnaces to a leading manufacturer of glass/ceramic and ceramic-to-metal seals for demanding applications.

The standard Workhorse furnace design was completely upgraded to achieve precision brazing and heat treating. The improved components include thermocouple survey ports, dedicated load thermocouple, cooling fan, and a special partial pressure control system. This control system reduces the chance of damage to the hot zone due to vaporization of lower melting temperature constituents in braze filler metals. The fully updated unit also included digital water flow switches, improved air handling package, Varian diffusion pump, and Leybold mechanical pumping system. The system is outfitted with a computer and HMI control system for easy recipe generation, controller configuration and data recording functions.

Centorr Vacuum Industries is a high temperature vacuum / controlled atmosphere furnace manufacturer with an installed base of over 6000 units worldwide. Their furnace offering ranges from large commercial and production units with hot zones over 3m x 3m x 3m, to smaller Lab and Research & Development furnaces for use at temperatures over 3000°C. They are located in Nashua, NH with a fully staffed Aftermarket Field Service group, and Applied Technology Center offering R&D support and toll production service. For more information please contact the sales department at 603-595-7233.

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Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed vacuum furnace and controlled atmosphere furnace solutions for a variety of difficult thermal processes. Learn More