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LF G SERIES Graphite Hot Zone

Centorr's Series LF Top Loading Multi-Purpose furnaces are available with a high temperature vacuum or controlled atmosphere Graphite Heat Zone. With a Graphite Heat Zone, this vertical furnace is used for vacuum or controlled atmosphere heat treatment of ceramics, graphite and carbon composites, reactivity studies, and small scale sintering studies.

A typical furnace is made up of a double-walled, water-cooled 304L stainless steel chamber with water-cooled, hinged lid, a hot zone with a graphite element and rigidized fibrous graphite insulation, a power supply, temperature sensor, controller and over-temperature controller with hot zone interlock.


  • Operation to 3000°C
  • Double-walled, water-cooled 304L stainless steel chamber
  • Digital programmable temperature controller with auto-tuning
  • Stainless steel chamber, with graphite hot zone.
  • Power supply with current limiting, and soft start features fully interlocked for failsafe operation.

Series LF with Graphite Heat Zone shown above.

Series LF Graphite Heat Zone



Operating Temperature:  2450°C (4442°F) in vacuum (150 m Torr); 3000°C (5432°F) in Argon/Noble gas blend, Nitrogen Gas.

Operating Pressure: 2 PSIG (0.14 KG/SQ. CM) positive pressure to 10-2 Torr range

Ultimate Vacuum: Standard Roughing Pump Model - 10-2 Torr range (chamber clean, cold, empty and out-gassed).

Heat Up Time: 21°C to 3000°C (69.8°F - 5432°F), Approximately 150 minutes

Cool Down Time: 3000°C to 100°C (5432°F - 212°F), Approximately 230 minutes

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Standard Mechanical Pump Model: Contact factory for current pricing


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Chamber: Double-walled, water-cooled 304L stainless steel chamber with water-cooled 304L stainless steel hinged lid.
Hot Zone: 4" (76.2 mm) dia. x 5" (127 mm) high graphite element with rigidized fibrous graphite shields.
Roughing Pump Vacuum System: Manual vacuum system with VRL 902111 vacuum gauge, Vacuum Research Corp. Model 200-7, 200 L/in. @ 60 Hz (7.0 CFM) direct drive mechanical pump (or equal) and all necessary plumbing and manifolding.
Power Supply: 18 KVA SCR controlled with current limiting and soft start features-fully interlocked for failsafe operation.
Temperature Sensor: (1) Two-color optical pyrometer.
Controller: Eurotherm 2416 temperature controller/programmer. 1/16 DIN temperature controller, 4 programs of 16 segments, auto-tune, RS-485 communications.
Overtemperature Controller & Hot Zone Interlock: Eurotherm 2216E overtemperature controller. 1/16 DIN temperature controller & hot zone interlock. RS-485 communications.
Furnace Cabinet: Combination furnace, power supply, temperature control instrumentation, vacuum instrumentation, manually operated valving, enclosed in a painted steel cabinet.
Electrical: 21.7 KVA, 220V/1PH/50-60 Hz, 98 Amps Total. Connected load, 125 AMP Circuit Easy to Connect Water and Gas Connections (typical)
Water Supply: 3 GPM at 70°F (21°C) max. 40 PSIG Max. pH not to exceed 8.5. Conductivity not to exceed 400 micro MHOS (Micro Siemens) 1" NPTF supply connection.
Water Return: 20 PSIG (1.4 Bar) Max. back pressure 1¼" NPTM drain connection
Inert Gas: Argon, Nitrogen, or 4% H2/96% N2, approximately 0.2 cubic feet per backfill to atmospheric pressure, regulated at 10 PSIG. ¼" NPTF inlet connection ¼" NPTF exhaust connection
Pump Exhaust: ¾" (19.0 mm) ID Hose connection
Air Supply: 80 PSIG. ¼" NPTF connection


Payment with Purchase Order FOB: EX-WORKS (CVI Manufacturing Facility, Nashua, NH USA) CVI Standard Terms and Conditions, Form TC-2000 *Shipment Dependent on Factory Loading at Time of Order


Warranty, Manuals, Checkout and Field Service Warranty, Form C/VI-107


60" (152.4 CM) Long X 60" (152.4 CM) wide X 75" (190.5 CM) high 1600 Lbs. (725.7 kg)

Made in the USA

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