Transparent Furnaces


Observe and adjust the brazing process as it occurs.

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CA SERIES Transparent Furnaces

Don't wait for your furnace to cool to monitor your process. With the unbeatable view into CA Series Transparent Furnaces, you observe and adjust the process as it occurs!


  • Pre-production batch testing of flux, filler metal, and clad materials for melting range, etc.
  • Optimizing joint design
  • Define optimum production process cycles
  • Analyzing problems in production furnaces (duplicate temp, dew point, vacuum level, and process cycle)
  • Education and training

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  • Increase insight into process
    • don't guess, see what occurs at temperature
    • don't miss transient phenomena
  • Accelerate development
    • fewer runs required to develop process
    • up to 8 typical braze cycles per day
  • Save time, process gas, and energy
    • fewer runs, less energy per run
  • Rapid heating and cooling rates
    • reduced cycle time


CA2091 Transparent Furnace

(computer control system not shown)

CA2090 CA2091
Hot Zone Size 2.5" dia x 5" long 4.5" dia x 10" long
Temp Rating To 950°C (1742°F) To 950°C (1742°F)
Atmosphere N2, Ar, He Forming Gas N2, Ar, He Forming Gas
Vacuum (optional) 5x10-6 5x10-6
Power 115VAC, 1¢, 30A 115VAC, 1¢, 30A
Gas 20-0 psi, 20 scfh 20-0 psi, 20 scfh
Bench Space (plus computer) 48"W x 30"D x 46"H (1219 x 762 x 1168 mm) 60"W x 30"D x 46"H (1524 x 762 x 1168 mm)
Weight 120 lbs. 150 lbs.
Made in the USA

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