Don't wait for your furnace to cool to monitor your process. With the unbeatable view into CA Series Transparent Furnaces, you observe and adjust the process as it occurs!


  • Preproduction batch testing of flux, filler metal, and clad materials for melting range, etc.
  • Optimizing joint design
  • Define optimum production process cycles
  • Analyzing problems in production furnaces (duplicate temp, dew point, vacuum level, and process cycle)
  • Education and training

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  • Increase insight into process
    • don't guess, see what occurs at temperature
    • don't miss transient phenomena
  • Accelerate development
    • fewer runs required to develop process
    • up to 8 typical braze cycles per day
  • Save time, process gas, and energy
    • fewer runs, less energy per run
  • Rapid heating and cooling rates
    • reduced cycle time


CA2091 Transparent Furnace

(computer control system not shown)

Hot Zone Size2.5" dia x 5" long4.5" dia x 10" long
Temp RatingTo 950°C (1742°F)To 950°C (1742°F)
AtmosphereN2, Ar, He Forming GasN2, Ar, He Forming Gas
Vacuum (optional)5x10-65x10-6
Power115VAC, 1¢, 30A115VAC, 1¢, 30A
Gas20-0 psi, 20 scfh20-0 psi, 20 scfh
Bench Space
(plus computer)
48"W x 30"D x 46"H
(1219 x 762 x 1168 mm)
60"W x 30"D x 46"H
(1524 x 762 x 1168 mm)
Weight120 lbs.150 lbs.