Fiber Optic Draw Furnaces


Allows consistent drawing of optical fiber on a repeatable basis.

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11 SERIES Fiber Optic Draw Furnaces

The Series 11 resistance heated optical fiber drawing furnace has been sold to over 15 countries, with over 150 furnaces installed since its first introduction in 1977. The Series 11 furnace system consists of three basic components, first is the furnace which is a double walled stainless steel chamber. Inside the chamber is a highly purified graphite element and heat shield assembly. Second component is a precision control system allowing very accurate control of all critical functions of the furnace such as gas flow and temperature control. The third basic item is the power supply which consists of a silicone controlled rectifier power controller with current limiter, stepdown transformer and circuit breaker. All of the above work to allow consistent drawing of optical fiber on a repeatable basis. The Centorr/Vacuum Industries Series 11 has many additional features to consider. Many of these features gained by continual product improvement in response to our customers' needs.


  • Controlled Gradient Hot Zone
  • Temperature control package .05% accuracy controller
  • Dual color optical temperature sensor
  • Long Life Heating Element
  • Ultra Clean Hot Zone
  • Fast Temperature Response (typically to 2300°C within 2.5 minutes)
  • Precision gas distribution within furnace
  • Gas Control System, 1% Accuracy Mass Flow Controller
  • High Efficiency particulate removal filter, 100% all particles larger than 3 microns in size.
  • Flexible mounting plate to fit new or existing systems
  • Simplified Maintenance, element change in as little as 15 minutes

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