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Sinterbar Series 3750
Sinterbar Series 3750
Model: 121812-2200

High Temperature, Vacuum and High-Pressure Inert Gas Controlled Atmosphere, Furnaces for Debinding, Vacuum Sintering, and High-Pressure Gas Isostatic Densification in Horizontal Front Loading or Vertical Top or Bottom Loading Designs.

Sinterbar Series 3750
Model 1212-2200-100B
Graphite Heating Element
Graphite Insulation
  • Maximum Temperature: 1650 C (3000 F) to 2200 C (3992 F)
  • Primary Use: Production
  • Heat method: Electric Resistance
  • Operation: Vacuum, partial pressure, and High-Pressure Inert Atmosphere
  • Operating Mode: Batch
  • Chamber Wall: Cold (Water Jacket)
  • Maximum Vacuum: 10-2 Torr
  • Maximum Partial Pressure Inert Gas: vacuum to 50 torr (65 mbar).
  • Maximum Positive Pressure Inert Gas: 60-100 Bar (900-1500 psig)
  • Configuration: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Heat Zone Size: 1,4,10, and 12 cu ft (28, 113, 283, 340 Liters) standard sizes. Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Heating Element: Graphite or Refractory Metal.
  • Application: Vacuum Debinding and Sintering and High-Pressure Gas Isostatic Densification.

This production furnace design is used for vacuum, partial pressure, and high-pressure inert gas isostatic densification treatment of a variety of metals, hardmetals, and advanced ceramics for sintering and pressure consolidation.

  • Alternative to Hot Pressing or Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • Glass-to-metal and Ceramic-to-metal Sealing Operations
  • Fiber and Particle Strengthened High-Temperature Composites
  • Densification
  • Debinding and Sintering of Tungsten Carbide grades with moderate Cobalt content suited to Liquid Phase Consolidation
  • Ceramic Firing of Si3N4 and other Sinterable Ceramics with Sufficient Molten Glassy Phase
  • Tool Steels including Molybdenum and Tungsten Alloy Steels with transient Liquid Phases suited for Pressure Consolidation
  • Material Testing
  • Cermets and Other Advanced Materials

  • Proven Graphite element design with Graphite board or Felt linings
  • Horizontal Front Loading and Vertical Top or Bottom Loading Designs Available
  • Robust and Reliable Centorr Vacuum Industries' Design
  • Long Life from Rugged Centorr Vacuum Industries' Construction
  • Highest Quality at an affordable price
  • Rapid heat up and cool down with atmospheric fan cooling and Heat Exchanger package
  • Can Eliminate separate Hot Isostatic Pressing Operations required for Densification
  • Higher Product Quality with Increased Part Densities and Improved Mechanical Properties
  • One-step Debind and Pressure Sintering Capability utilizing Sweepgas™ Binder Removal Technology in Inert or Hydrogen gas

Graphite Hot Zone with Multi-Zone Control and Locking Ring Door
Operating Temperature: 1650 C (3000 F) to 2200 C (3992 F) in Vacuum, Partial Pressure, or High-Pressure Argon or Nitrogen Gas. Hydrogen Gas systems available for debinding to 1000 C (1832 F)

Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 60-100 Bar (900-500 psig).

Ultimate Vacuum: Low Vacuum - 10-2 torr range (chamber clean, cold, empty, dry, and out gassed).

Contact CVI directly for pricing.

10-12 months from Purchase Order.

Chamber: ASME Rated and Code-Stamped Design. Double-walled, water-cooled mild steel inner liner with mild steel outer jacket and flanges. Stainless steel jackets available upon request.

Hot Zone: Standard Sizes from: 1, 4, 10, and 12 cu ft (28, 113, 283, 340 Liters). Custom Sizes available upon request.


Vacuum System: Rotary Piston mechanical pumps and blowers for debinding and vacuum sintering. Dry Vacuum pumping systems available upon request.

Power Supply: SCR or VRT style Power Supplies fully interlocked for failsafe operation.

Temperature Sensor: Type "C" Molybdenum sheathed thermocouples for Control and Overtemperature. Optical Pyrometers used for High-Temperature operation.

Controller: CVI Custom HMI Scada System for Precise Temperature and Vacuum Control.

Overtemperature Controller
& Hot Zone Interlock:
Honeywell, Eurotherm, or Yokogawa Digital Overtemperature Controllers.

Furnace Cabinet: Contains temperature control instrumentation, vacuum, and pressure, instrumentation, with manual and fully-automatic operated valving, enclosed in a painted steel cabinet.

Electrical: 380V, 400V, 460V, 575V, 3PH, 50 or 60 Hz.

Water Supply: 90F (32C) max. inlet at 35-40 PSIG (3.4-3.7 Bar)
Max pH not to exceed 7.8.
Conductivity not to exceed 350 micro MHOS.

Water Return: 10 PSIG (1.7 Bar) Max. back pressure

Inert Gas: Argon, Nitrogen, or Hydrogen

Pump Exhaust: As Required.

Payment Terms - contact CVI for terms
FOB: EX-WORKS (CVI Manufacturing Facility, Nashua, NH USA)
CVI Standard Terms and Conditions, Form TC-2000

Warranty, Manuals, Checkout and Field Service Warranty, Form C/VI-107

Can be accommodated in Containers or Flatbed Trucks.

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