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Series 3500

Horizontal Front Loading Furnace, High Temperature, High Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere, Metal Heat Zone

Professional and Durable Construction for Long Service Life

  • Maximum Temperature: 900 C (1650 F)
  • Primary Use: Production
  • Heat method: Electric Resistance
  • Operation: Vacuum and Inert Atmosphere
  • Operating Mode: Batch
  • Chamber Wall: Cold (Water Jacket)
  • Maximum Vacuum: 10-6 torr
  • Maximum Partial Pressure Inert Gas: high-vacuum to 40 torr (53 mbar)
  • Configuration: Horizontal
  • Heat Zone Size: Up to 9940 Liters (9.94 cubic meters or 351 cu ft)
  • Heating Element: Nichrome
  • Application: Vacuum Annealing, Heat Treating, Tempering, and Degas

This production horizontal furnace is used for vacuum or partial pressure inert gas treatment of a variety of metals for heat treatment and annealing.

  • Annealing of Nuclear Tubing
  • Brazing
  • Ceramic Firing
  • Degassing
  • Densification
  • General Metals, including Inconel 690 and SS
  • General Thermal Processing
  • Heat Treating
  • Material Testing
  • Powder Processing

Heat Zone
Heating Element
Nichrome / Stainless Steel Shields

  • Largest Number of Installed Nuclear Tube Anneallers in the World.
  • Ultra Clean Nichrome element and Stainless Steel heat shields
  • No Graphite or Refractory Ceramic Fiber Insulation Materials.
  • Robust and Reliable Centorr Vacuum Industries' Design
  • Long Life from Rugged Centorr Vacuum Industries' Construction
  • Capable of many applications and processes
  • Highest Quality at an affordable price
  • Rapid heat up and cool down with atmospheric fan cooling and Heat Exchanger package
  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple connections for all main utilities.

Load Racks and Transport Mechanism
for long tubes

Operating Temperature: 900C (1650F) in Vacuum, 900C (1650F) in low Partial Pressure Argon, Nitrogen Gas, or Forming Gas.

Operating Pressure: High-Vacuum to 40 torr (53 mbar).

Ultimate Vacuum:
Diffusion Pump Model - 10-6 (chamber clean, cold, empty, dry, and out gassed).
Optional Turbo Molecular Pump or Cyrogenic Pump Models available.

Heat Up Time: 21C to 715C, < 5-8hours

Cool Down Time: 715C to 200C, < 8-12 hours

Loading Station with Two (2) Load Cars capable of 7000 Kgs Capacity

Contact CVI directly for pricing.

10-12 months from Purchase Order

Chamber: Double-walled, water-cooled 304 stainless steel inner liner with mild steel outer jacket.

Hot Zone: Sizes from 24" x 20" x 384" (610 x 508 x 9700mm) up to 24" x 20" x 1102" (610 x 508 x 28000 mm) Heavy-Duty Nichrome ribbon element with stainless steel heat shields.


Diffusion Pump
Vacuum System:
Multiple 20-35" (508 - 890 mm) automatic high vacuum Diffusion Pumping system with analog or digital vacuum instruments, Rotary Piston mechanical pumps for roughing and backing, and Hold pumps. Water cooled, refrigerated, or Polycold baffles, high vacuum gate valve, and all necessary plumbing and manifolding.

Power Supply: Up to 1.5 MW KVA Power Supplies each with Thyristor control - fully interlocked for failsafe operation.

Temperature Sensor: Multiple Type "K" Inconel sheathed thermocouples for Control and Overtemperature

Controller: Honeywell, Eurotherm, or Yokogawa Digital Process Controllers or CVI Custom HMI Scada System for Precise Temperature and Vacuum Control.

Overtemperature Controller
& Hot Zone Interlock:
Honeywell, Eurotherm, or Yokogawa Digital Overtemperature Controllers.

Furnace Cabinet: Contains temperature control instrumentation, vacuum instrumentation, with manual and fully-automatic operated valving, enclosed in a painted steel cabinet.

Electrical: Up to 1700 KVA, 380/400/460/575 V/3PH/50-60 Hz, 2650 Amps.

Water Supply: 400 GPM (1514 LPM) at 90F (32C) max. 30 PSIG (3.0 Bar)Max pH not to exceed 7.8.
Conductivity not to exceed 350 micro MHOS (Micro Siemens)Multiple 2-1/2" (75mm) NPTF inlet connection.

Water Return: 10 PSIG (1.7 Bar) Max. back pressure
Multiple 3" NPTF drain connection

Inert Gas: Argon, nitrogen, or 4% H2/96% N2, up to approximately 1766 cubic feet (50 cu m) per backfill to atmospheric pressure, regulated at 10 PSIG (1.7 bar).
Multiple 1-1/2" (38mm) NPTF inlet connection

Pump Exhaust: Approx 3" (75mm) ID Hose connection

Payment Terms - contact CVI for terms
FOB: EX-WORKS (CVI Manufacturing Facility, Nashua, NH USA)
CVI Standard Terms and Conditions, Form TC-2000

Warranty, Manuals, Checkout and Field Service Warranty, Form C/VI-107

Approx Nine (9) 40' Ocean Containers or Flatbed Trucks.
176,500 Lbs. (80,000 kgs)

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