Elevated Pressure Furnace


Moderate Pressure (1500 PSI)

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EP SERIES Elevated Pressure Furnace

High temperature elevated pressure furnace with moderate pressure (1500 PSI) consists of a basic furnace chamber assembly, process gas system, power supply system and temperature control instrumentation.

Typical applications include powder metallurgy, pressure sintering, densification, materials research & development.


  • Low initial cost.
  • Efficient, inexpensive to use.
  • Uncomplicated design, easy to operate.
  • Clean, compact, vacuum tight construction.
  • Use in vacuum, inert, nitrogen atmospheres.
  • Low thermal mass – rapid heating and cooling.
  • Accurate and uniform temperature control.


Operating Temperature:Up to 2200°C
Operating Pressure:Up to 1500 PSI (105 Kgs/cm2)
Hot Zone Size:4" Diameter x 8" High (101.6 mm Diameters x 203.2 mm High)
Cover Lift:Manual
Evacuation Pump:13.4 CFM (379.4 LPM)
Temperature Control:Digital Control Programmer (Microprocessor)
Furnace Chamber:A.S.M.E. Coded 316 S/S
Internal Chamber:Water-cooled stainless steel

Other Heat Zone sizes, temperature and pressure capabilities also available.

A typical furnace system consists of the following:

  1. Basic Furnace Chamber Assembly 
    1. Heat Zone Assembly
    2. Chamber with frame
    3. Sight Window
  2. Process Gas System 
    1. Evacuation System
  3. Power Supply System
  4. Temperature Control Instrumentation.

Basic Furnace Chamber Assembly

The Basic Furnace Chamber Assembly includes the Furnace Chamber which is fabricated of 316 S/S and is built and stamped to ASME code. The High Pressure Chamber is the water‐cooled Inner Chamber which contains the fibrous graphite insulation and the graphite heating element. The furnace cover is raised and lowered manually. A sight port is provided at the front of the chamber in line with the Heat Zone center. Ports are also provided for thermocouple, for process gas inlet and outlet, for evacuation, and for gauges.

Process Gas System

The Process Gas System consists of the evacuation pump with the manifold, trap, valves, pressure gauge, gas pressure controller‐indicator, vacuum gauge, pressure relief, and panel mounted controls.

Power Supply System

Power Supply Systems consist of Silicon Controlled Rectifier Power Controller with Current Limit, Stepdown Transformer, Circuit Breaker, Contactor, Control Transformer, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Pushbuttons, Indicator Lights, Water Interlocks, all completely wired and packaged in a floor standing cabinet.

Temperature Control Instrumentation

Centorr Vacuum Industries can supply from the simplest Manual Power Control to the most elaborate instrumentation. This particular furnace is usually supplied with a Digital Control Programmer (Microprocessor) working in conjunction with a W/Re thermocouple and an optical pyrometer. A panel mounted switch permits switching from thermocouple to power transducer mode.


Retorts & Hot Zones

  • Graphite: up to 2300°C
  • Alumina: up to 1650°C
  • Stainless: up to 1000°C


  • Powder Metallurgy
  • Pressure Sintering
  • Densification
  • Materials Research & Development
Made in the USA